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Art & Imagery On The Blockchain


Artisty is a decentralized digital art gallery with a growing story of future and past, Showcasing unique NFT/FT blockchain collectibles assets. Artisty assets are made using the ERC-1155 standard and are digitally backed to Enjin.

Arty Token

The Arty token is a freely distributed ERC-20 asset that will be rewarded to our community members via different promotional and airdrop campaigns. The token will be a community building cryptocurrency, trade-able asset and will act as shares in Artisty with future integrations for payments on the platform.

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Artisty Platform

Artisty collectible NFT/FT assets gain value from multi-able scenarios including, Enjin coin price increase and the premium users sell and trade.

Explainer Video_

Learn how Artisty users blockchain technology to monetize art work and imagery creating a new asset class in the blockchain space.

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Payment Gateways

Artisty makes it easy to purchase NFT/FT collectible assets with a wide range of popular payment methods, Including PayPal, Credit Cards, Cryptocurrency and Artisty Virtual.

Artisty Virtual

Deposit fiat or cryptocurrency and trade it for store credit in Artisty Virtual, Artisty Virtual is a easy to use store wallet to allow faster payments on the platform.