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Add Funds to Your Artisty Virtual Walllet
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At Artisty we use the ERC-1155 standard to tokenize the platform artwork into collectible assets.


Enjin Marketplace will be our main collectible exchange for trading after purchasing from Artisty.


Enjin Wallet will be able to store and trade your Artisty collectibles all in one secure place.



With the MetaMask web extension you can buy Artisty products with cryptocurrency, nice and simple in your web browser.


Artisty collectibles can be stored in Trust wallet, User will also have the options to sell Artisty collectibles on OpenSea through the trust wallet.


OpenSea is a secondary option to sell your Artisty collectibles after store purchases.



The Arty token is built using ERC-20 Smart Contracts and the Ethereum network.



Imtoken can be used to store your Arty tokens or make Artisty purchases with BTC through our mobile webpage.



A simple explanation on blockchain technology.